25 June 2013

'Sweet Dreams, Herbie'

My brother has been going to a few Volkswagen shows lately and he took my camera along to take these photos.  He's actually restoring a Beetle at the moment (which I am veeeery jealous of haha!) and it's going to be cream with a red interior.  I've always had a soft spot for classic cars and it would be a dream come true to own a lovely little Beetle.

Apparently it's now quite popular to restore classic cars and then buy special rust paint to give the illusion that they're banged up!  I found it really odd at first but now I think it can look pretty good if done well :)  I'm hoping to go with my bro to one of these shows later this Summer which should be fun!

15 June 2013

'And There'll Be Sun Sun Sun'

My life has been pretty boring lately as I'm back to working full time for the Summer.  However now I'm 21 I get higher wages which isn't too bad ;)  Plus I get to work right on the coast with an ice cream shop just around the corner!  I've lived on the coast for 15 years now and I can't imagine being away from the sea.

I don't get to enjoy much of the sunny weather we're getting as I work indoors, so I've been reading and playing lots of video games in the evenings.  The new Animal Crossing game was released yesterday on the 3DS and I'm obsessed :D  I always look forward to coming home and seeing how my little town is doing.  I've also been reliving my childhood by playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my GameCube.

I've been reading the Game of Thrones series too and only have 1 more book to read till I'm up to date!  I found out that the next book isn't being released till 2015 though :(  I think I might watch the TV series as everyone seems to be loving it.  I've also finished watching season 2 of The Walking Dead!  If you have any books/games/tv shows that are awesome please suggest some :D