27 January 2013

Lush Brazened Honey Face Mask Review

I've always wanted to try more Lush products and decided to buy a Fresh Face Mask after getting loads of blemishes on my cheeks and chin.  I have oily/combination skin and get spots regularly.  After telling the store assistant this she recommended 3 face masks.  I picked Brazened Honey because she said it gently exfoliates and moisturises your skin, so it's a sort of all-in-one product.

Brazened Honey doesn't look too impressive in the tub, but it does absolute wonders for my skin.  I use it about 3 times a week and it has calmed my blemishes and spots.  I used to get really deep sore spots but now they're tiny and only appear for 1-2 days!  I've had really bad skin since I was a young teen and this is the clearest my skin has been in years.

I can't really describe the smell but the scent of honey is really strong and I can pick up the almond smell as well.  It's quite a thick face mask so I rub lots on and leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off.  I used to use a washcloth but it got stained yellow, so now I use my hands instead.  At £5.95 it's not too expensive and now I can't wait to try more products from Lush!

19 January 2013

Snow Diary

It all started on Tuesday when I was at uni in Norwich.  I'd just had lunch with my friends and then a snowstorm began, so we braved it and trundled back to uni to say we were going home early.  The city was at a standstill so my friend and I decided to walk for over an hour to the car park where my car was!  It then took about an hour to drive home because the main roads were awful.  

The snow appeared to have moved on by Wednesday so I ventured back to Felbrigg Hall to get some photos of the scenery.  I love how snow completely changes everything.  The lake was frozen and you couldn't tell there was any water there!  The cold weather creates lots of different textures and colours and I enjoyed taking photos of everything.
We took our youngest Labrador Bramble with us and she absolutely loved the trip.  She kept trying to find piles of snow and diving into them like an artic fox ♥

After that it snowed every night and my car managed to get stuck in the driveway.  On Friday we walked our 3 dogs up the lane by our house.  We didn't get very far as the snow was so deep!  The dogs enjoyed it though and our oldest Labrador was acting like a puppy again.  When we got home we gave them some biscuits and they curled up in front of the fire for a snooze :)

How are you guys coping with the snow?

16 January 2013

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Review

When my Collection liquid concealer ran out I decided to try something a little more expensive.  I know everyone raves about that concealer but I never really got on with it.  At first I thought it was amazing, but over time I realised that it failed to conceal my under eye circles and actually made them look worse!

I went to a Benefit counter in Debenhams and the Boi-ing concealer was recommended to me.  It was applied with a little foundation brush and I was really impressed!  I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to apply it very well as I don't have a concealer brush, but I've discovered that my fingers work just as well.

The concealer feels quite hard when I first dab my finger into the pot, but it blends really well into my skin after warming it.  I have really bad red blemishes on my cheeks (thanks mum!) and Boi-ing easily covers those too.  Hopefully you can see how well any redness and under-eye shadows are covered by it in the photo above :) At £16.50 Boi-ing isn't cheap, but I love it so much that I won't hesitate to buy another one when this pot runs out.

10 January 2013

'Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?'

D and I went for a walk in the Great Wood at Felbrigg Hall today and managed to get lost because of the mist.  Every so often we would hear the disjointed conversations of others and sometimes see their ghostly forms in the distance.  We trailed some deer but sadly they were too far away for my camera to capture a decent photo.  It was still fun pretending to be explorers though.  

I think I have a fascination with trees as I take so many photos of them.  I feel small and young compared to them.  Even though they do not move or speak they can evoke feelings and have personalities.  One day I'd like to plant a tree and take photos of how much it grows each year :) 

02 January 2013

Fresh Start

Happy New Year!  I went to a fireworks display on the coast and I could hardly move because there were so many people! I set my camera to sports mode and the longer exposure meant I captured some really quirky photographs.  I'm thinking of submitting the last one to a competition the town is holding :)

This morning lots of people were tweeting about a gorgeous sunrise but it was pretty bleak here (as usual).  My resolutions this year are to be more creative, be healthier and to start saving up for a classic mini!  It's my dream car and I'd like to get one sooner rather than later.  I love my current car but he's starting to show his age :'(

I'm also going to make a memory jar as I'm useless at consistently writing in diaries.  I think it's a cheap and fun alternative to keeping a journal, plus I feel it's better to focus on documenting happy moments and not the sad ones.  Do you have any resolutions?