23 May 2013

'Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold'

Earlier this week a heavy sea mist rolled inland and every morning and evening the valley was shrouded in white.  D and I ventured out into it one night to explore.  It was eerily quiet and claustrophobic.  Everything was coated in tiny dew drops and the air was damp and chilly.  I had a hat and gloves on but I was still freezing.  I'm back to wearing more of my Winter clothing now as it's been so windy and cold here.  Come back Sun :(

I'm off to London on Saturday which I'm stupidly excited about!  My family are going to a museum, but I'm off to get a tattoo and explore with a couple of friends.  On Sunday I'm thinking of going to a vintage fair at Blickling Hall (if I can convince my mum to go with me!) but on Monday I'm back to work as it's a bank holiday and I expect I'll be very very busy.  My Micra also has his MOT test next Tuesday, so fingers crossed for him!

10 May 2013

Making Memories

Last weekend some family friends came to visit from Manchester and we decided to have a BBQ on Monday evening.  We had loads to eat (corn on the cob is my favourite, yum!), released a couple of Chinese lanterns, then sat around a fire chatting away into the night.

I couldn't believe how well the fire photos turned out.  I was testing out my Canon's night time mode and assumed it wouldn't be very good.  I love how there seem to be figures in the flames.  I can see a dragon or a horse in the second photo :)

Now that I've submitted my project I finally have some free time.  It always feels quite surreal when I finish a project as I don't know what to do with myself!  I'm really looking forward to taking loads of photographs this Summer and dedicating more time to my artwork.  2013 has been pretty tough so far but I've got lots of fun things to look forward to in the coming months :)