25 April 2013

Life Lately

These photos give the illusion that I've been getting out a lot lately when in fact 99% of the time I'm stuck indoors doing uni work :P  My project's deadline is coming up in 2 weeks and I've been procrastinating way too much!

How cute is my kitty top?  I got it from Drop Dead last year and it always gets lots of compliments when I'm out and about.  I've had these velvet Dr Martens for months and I'm so happy I can wear them now the sun is out!  A few days ago I packed away all my Autumn/Winter clothes and dug all my Spring/Summer ones out.  It was actually pretty fun as I found loads of old favourites that I forgot I owned and I can't wait to wear them :)

14 April 2013

Snap Happy

Last week I ordered a little red Canon Ixus 125 camera from Amazon as I was fed up with missing opportunities where I could have taken some lovely photos.  DSLRs are great but mine is ridiculously heavy and it wasn't ideal to be lugging it around with me everywhere.  The Ixus is teeny weeny which is perfect for my small hands but it can be a bit fiddly sometimes!  Now I can take photographs whenever and wherever I want so I've got quite a few to share on my blog today :)

My Dad was 50 on Friday and we had a little family get-together that involved loads of cakes as he has a sweet tooth.  There's still loads of food left and even though I wanted to be good and healthy I'm pretty much like this at every meal.

On Saturday I went carbooting again (anyone else use that word or is it just my family?) but came home empty handed.  I found a gorgeous vintage planter shaped like a tree stump (complete with whimsical deer and bunnies) but the seller wanted £6 for it and I turned it down.  I kind of regret it now but it just seemed expensive for a car boot item.  I've found that prices are a lot higher nowadays and it's harder to get genuine bargains :(

Today the weather was A-MAZ-ING and I pulled some of my Spring/Summer clothes out of the suitcases they've been hiding in and took the dogs for a walk.  I saw plenty of photos online of people eating ice cream, having BBQs and sunbathing and now I'm all geared up for brighter mornings and wearing all my cute shorts!  I hope all you guys had a lovely Sunday too!