25 April 2013

Life Lately

These photos give the illusion that I've been getting out a lot lately when in fact 99% of the time I'm stuck indoors doing uni work :P  My project's deadline is coming up in 2 weeks and I've been procrastinating way too much!

How cute is my kitty top?  I got it from Drop Dead last year and it always gets lots of compliments when I'm out and about.  I've had these velvet Dr Martens for months and I'm so happy I can wear them now the sun is out!  A few days ago I packed away all my Autumn/Winter clothes and dug all my Spring/Summer ones out.  It was actually pretty fun as I found loads of old favourites that I forgot I owned and I can't wait to wear them :)


  1. Lovely photos!
    I love your sunglasses & the kitty paws shot. Gotta love Drop Dead, too - they do some awesome pieces!

    Jesss xo

  2. Uni work is the worst! I hope it has been going well! I wish I was organised enough to have spring summer clothes...

    Lovely photos xxx

  3. Such cute kitties!
    And I've been going outside quite a lot these days. The ups and downs in the weather make me feel a bit jet-lagged, but when I'm outside I feel a lot better:)

    Yay for velvet Docs! I can't wait to get out my floral Mary Janes...


  4. Love your tights!