26 August 2013

London Bound

Hi guys, long time no see!  I've been really busy with work and rarely have free time anymore.  Plus my Canon camera broke so it's currently away being repaired :'(  While I was looking through my photos I realised I completely forgot to share my trip to London!

It was a surprise birthday trip for Dan as he's never been before :)

We took the train and I decided to walk everywhere to save money (warning: do not wear Dr Martens you *think* are worn in because they will tear your tootsies apart).  The first place we visited was the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museum.
We had great fun exploring and the museum is filled with curious objects and oddities.  There was actually a really funny bit with a two-way mirror but I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to go ;)  The only downside was that it seems a little run down in places and could do with some TLC.  The dinosaur in the photos above had huge rips in his other side but it didn't look like he'd be repaired any time soon.

After that I decided to take Dan to Bodean's as he loves burgers and all my friends recommended it.
We had tasty mocktails and I chose to have BBQ pulled pork which was scrummy.  Thinking about it makes my mouth water!  Dan had his obligatory burger and it arrived in a cute little basket.  The restaurant's atmosphere was really laid back and fun which made us feel relaxed.  I'm quite a nervous traveller and was really worried about being 'in charge' of everything and going to new places.  The staff at Bodean's were lovely though and made us feel at home.  I'd love to go back again some time :)

I also took Dan to Forbidden Planet where we bought loads of Adventure Time stuff (including a hardback comic signed and doodled in by the creator, squee!!) but sadly I didn't take any photos.  We did however pass by a Snog and couldn't resist getting some frozen yoghurt.

I'd also planned on going to the London Dungeons or the aquarium but sadly we didn't have the time.  We wandered over to the London Eye anyway and relaxed as it was absolutely boiling and we had a long walk back to the train station.  We both fell asleep on the train ride back as we were completely exhausted.  I love London's bustling activity, but there's nothing like coming home to a quiet house tucked away in the countryside.  We're planning on going back again next year :D

P.S. Here's a bonus photo of us in the mirror maze at Ripley's.  We managed to get through it first time without any mistakes 'cause we are total badasses.