25 July 2013

Dear Diary

I went to the new Gourmet Burger restaurant in Norwich and it was delicious (but pretty expensive!).  I had a Cheese & Bacon burger, skinny fries and a glass of strawberry & elderflower fizzy.

 I've been going to the beach with my friends every Wednesday evening and we're hoping to do it all Summer.  Now it's warmer we get to paddle in the sea!  I find it really relaxing after a day at work.

We also spotted the boat my boss goes fishing in!  He's offered to take us with him one day which sounds really exciting, but we'll have to get up very early as he fishes in the early hours of the morning.

On another trip to Norwich I bought a parma violets milkshake which was AMAZINGGG.  I didn't want it to end.  The shop also offered hot chocolate made with melted nutella which I'm planning to try as soon as it gets chillier :O

Dan bought me a shark shaped paddling pool and I spent this afternoon relaxing in it with a book.  My parents think I'm silly but we'll just ignore the fact that I'm 22 this year :P

18 July 2013

My Day At The Royal Norfolk Show

I went to the Royal Norfolk Show a few weeks ago and had a really fun day!  Apparently I went once before when I was little but I don't remember anything, so I was super excited when I was allowed to book the day off work.  The weather was gorgeous and I took loads of photos (mostly of cute and/or funny animals ;D) which I'll share below.

There was a huuuuge food hall filled with tasty treats!  We bought some fancy cheese and I wasn't able to resist a tray of chocolate covered strawberries ♥

 *squealing at the cuteness*
 I'm not sure if I mention it often on my blog, but I am obsessed with dinosaurs.  There was a giant robot t-rex that swung its head around and roared :O I wanted a dino sticker too but couldn't get past all the kids :'(

 One of my favourite parts of the day was watching the dog agility show.  I loved seeing owner and dog happily working together and having loads of fun.

I spent all day looking for something special to take home as a souvenir and wasn't getting very far, but we came across a glass blower who had made loads of tiny animals!  I was spoilt for choice but in the end I picked a little snake and a crocodile.  There was also a Joules tent too where everything was 50% off and my mum bought a pair of wellies for £17!   

I'm already thinking about going next year too as I had such a great time.  The tickets to the event were very expensive though which is a little off-putting, but I've heard that the prices might be lowered which is fantastic :)