23 May 2013

'Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold'

Earlier this week a heavy sea mist rolled inland and every morning and evening the valley was shrouded in white.  D and I ventured out into it one night to explore.  It was eerily quiet and claustrophobic.  Everything was coated in tiny dew drops and the air was damp and chilly.  I had a hat and gloves on but I was still freezing.  I'm back to wearing more of my Winter clothing now as it's been so windy and cold here.  Come back Sun :(

I'm off to London on Saturday which I'm stupidly excited about!  My family are going to a museum, but I'm off to get a tattoo and explore with a couple of friends.  On Sunday I'm thinking of going to a vintage fair at Blickling Hall (if I can convince my mum to go with me!) but on Monday I'm back to work as it's a bank holiday and I expect I'll be very very busy.  My Micra also has his MOT test next Tuesday, so fingers crossed for him!


  1. I think I'm going to venture to the vintage fair on Monday. how exciting. these pictures are beautiful (as always!)

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. wow, those are some atmospheric shots!

    Charlotte Adele