23 October 2012

Taking A Break

I've decided to take a break from blogging, and to be honest I don't know when I'll be back D: I'm going to focus on doing well in my second year of university, and also on myself.  I'm definitely going to continue reading all the blogs I follow as I enjoy coming home every day and having a read :)  

I have lots to look forward to in the last few months of 2012.  Next month my family is taking a trip to Ikea so I can buy some new things for my room.  I love Ikea, but we don't live anywhere near one.  The closest one is over 2 hours away, so I'm always jealous of people who live close to one.  I want to get this Expedit bookcase and fill it up with things I love.  I've been saving inspirational photos onto my computer so I can imagine what it will be like.  I can't wait to buy cute Christmas decorations for it as well!

I also want to get this desk so I can keep my computer and makeup on it.  I've always wanted a wall of inspirational pictures and quotes in mismatched frames, and I'm finally getting the opportunity to do it.

I have my 21st birthday in December and I'm definitely going to see The Hobbit! I adore Lord of the Rings and have waited so long for this movie :)  

I'm still going to be on twitter (not that I tweet as much anymore, but I'm still about!) so I'm not disappearing from the internet completely.  My life has been consumed by uni projects, and I don't want to publish random posts just for the sake of it.  I don't think my blog represents me very well anyway, so maybe when I return I can start over and be 100% happy with what I've created :)


  1. Awww I'll miss your blog! There's an Ikea about 15 mins from me... not to put you in a jealous rage or anything! :P Those bookcases are my fave and I'm so excited for The Hobbit too! <3 xoxo

  2. Ah I'm about two hours from the nearest Ikea too, super jealous of your trip!
    Good luck with second year and I'll be looking forward to your return :)

    Jesss xo

  3. I took a hiatus from blogging too but I'm back now with a new blog that feels better than my old one. I just sounded fake in the old one and it was a struggle to update. I hope you come back soon though but are happier. I don't get as many comments now but I feel happier in my writing seeing as it's more diary style blogging I do now. Also, good luck with your 2nd year. I'm in 2nd year now too and I hate it so much.

  4. I live near Ikea, and it's the best place to get lost inside of.
    You have a beautiful blog, just so you know, but I understand the need to debrief.

    THE HOBBIT. SO excited. Cannot wait.