27 March 2013

Roses Are Red?

Back in December I stated that I wanted to get better at photography.  Blogging has definitely given me the drive to go out and take more photos and I'd like to think there's been a definite improvement over the last few months :)

These roses were given to me on Valentine's day and I kept them all this time just because I wanted to photograph them!  The colours are gorgeous and I love that a little spider made tiny webs on the petals. I'm quite sad that it's still so cold at the moment because not many flowers are growing in our garden :( We have a huge field that gets covered in daffodils and daisies in the Spring and Summer.  The sun actually came out this afternoon and it wasn't freezing (for once!) so hopefully we won't have to wait much longer :)


  1. Beautiful photos! I love that they're looking all old, they look surprisingly good for being over a month old! I hope we get some sun soon xxx

  2. Gorgeous pics, I love the purple colour, great idea to let them dry out too!


  3. loove these pictures, looks amazing <3