25 June 2013

'Sweet Dreams, Herbie'

My brother has been going to a few Volkswagen shows lately and he took my camera along to take these photos.  He's actually restoring a Beetle at the moment (which I am veeeery jealous of haha!) and it's going to be cream with a red interior.  I've always had a soft spot for classic cars and it would be a dream come true to own a lovely little Beetle.

Apparently it's now quite popular to restore classic cars and then buy special rust paint to give the illusion that they're banged up!  I found it really odd at first but now I think it can look pretty good if done well :)  I'm hoping to go with my bro to one of these shows later this Summer which should be fun!


  1. I LOVE Volkswagens. Looks like such a fun show- great photos!

  2. That's so exciting I would love to restore a VW! My dream car has always been a VW bus. Every time I see one I say "look there goes my car." Love finding people who have my same love for this classic, and hello nice to meet you, lol. Hope you have a lovely weekend!