12 September 2013

Dear Diary #2

Well it looks like Summer is officially over now that it's raining pretty much every day!  My Canon camera was returned a few days ago and I missed it so much.  I have loads of photos from this Summer and I'm so glad I captured plenty of memories.

My local town has a big carnival parade every year and we always nick one of the best places to stand >:) The parade wasn't actually as good this year but it was still fun seeing my friends and having a laugh.

A temporary fairground also went up at the same time as carnival week so we went a few times to go on all the rides!  They were £1 each and I actually enjoyed a giant kid's fun house the most.  We couldn't resist buying slushies and candyfloss before leaving to walk home.

I took my mum to watch a Newfoundland dog display on the beach!  Newfoundlands are huuuuge and very slobbery but they were more than happy to jump in the sea.

On the last night of carnival week there is always a big firework display.  I went with friends and family this year and missed half of the display because I was trying to eat the world's biggest pancake :')

There's a restaurant in Norwich called Captain Americas Hamburger Heaven and me and Dan have been going now for years.  I usually have BBQ chicken or a burger but last time I went for a jacket potato.  It was ridiculously tasty but I needed Dan's help to eat all the chips!
I also went to Yo Sushi for the first time and had so much fun.  You have to watch how much you eat though as it can get rather expensive.  Luckily we went on a Monday so the blue plates and bowls were half price.  I can't quite decide whether I like Wagamama more as their katsu curry is heavenly!

A spitfire flew by over the sea a few days ago so I quickly ran to take photos of it.  Sadly it didn't fly too close but I managed to get some half-decent shots :)

I only have a few more weeks before I start my 3rd year of uni.  It doesn't feel like I've spent 2 years there already.  I'll be writing my dissertation this year and I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.  I really don't know what I'll be doing after I graduate which is both exciting and scary!


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  2. Looks like SO much fun, love these images!

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    Thanks x

  3. Oh this post brings back some memories from growing up there! I used to love the Carnival, I was in the parade quite a few times as a kid. And hanging around at the fairground at night when I was a bit older definitely happened! Captain America's too, love that place :D x