02 February 2013

30 Random Facts About Me

I've loved reading everyone's 'facts about me' posts so decided to do my own.  It has reminded me that we're all different people, and it's lovely getting to know more about someone other than what clothes and makeup they like!  I've decided to split my post up with some of my photographs/artwork too :)

1.  I am 4'11.  I stopped growing when I was about 12.

2. I went to a private school for 5 years and pretty much hated it.

3.  I used to be really artistic but my 6th form art teacher destroyed my confidence and passion.  After my first year he took me to one side and said 'Everything you have created this year has been crap.'

4.  However I am currently on a games art and design course!

5.  I have flown a plane a few times.  I have also been taught how to use a gun (but I'm pretty sure I'd need to be reminded how to use one now).

6.  I have a phobia of telephones.  I will rarely pick up a ringing phone and I have to write things down before ringing someone so I know what to say.

7.  I love animals.  I have 2 cats, 11 fish and a leopard gecko.  I have owned 2 other cats, 4 hamsters, 2 gerbils and a pony.

8.  I grew up with video games and my fondest memories usually involve them.  I would list games that I've loved over the years but there are too many.

9.  I have recently started watching Adventure Time and it's hilarious.

10.  I love anything to do with Rilakkuma and Beatrix Potter.

11.  I have never been very girly.  Growing up I was a huge tomboy and preferred playing with my brother's toys.

12.  I was bullied in primary school and private school.  One boy in particular sent me threats and abuse almost constantly.  I ended up complaining and got him expelled.  However my 'best friend' turned out to be one of the worst bullies.

13.  Because of this I have low self esteem and a negative view of my body.

14.  I am a huge bookworm.

15.  I have not been on many holidays but I did get to go to Italy with a friend years ago.  It was amazing.

16.  I love am obsessed with dinosaurs.

17.  Some of my favourite movies are: Lilo & Stitch, Princess Mononoke, Jurassic Park, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, How To Train Your Dragon, The Road To El Dorado and Wall-E.

18.  I'm a very open-minded atheist.

19.  I have 2 tattoos: wolf paws on my chest and a pixel heart on my left wrist.  I would like to get a lucky cat on my foot next.

20.  I saw the Spice Girls in London when I was very little and I barely remember any of it.

21.  My favourite animals are wolves, African wild dogs, deer and foxes.

22.  My dream cars are a classic mini, classic VW beetle and a Lotus Elise.

23.  I have always wanted a husky and a german shepherd.

24.  I name loads of my things after Lord of the Rings characters.

25.  I prefer Digimon over Pokemon.  I am unbelievably excited for the next Pokemon game on the DS, as well as the Animal Crossing game coming out this year.

26.  Bath is one of my favourite places ever.

27.  I have a Summer job selling sea food on the coast.  I tried eating most of it last year and found it all disgusting :(

28.  I love listening to orchestral music, especially movie and game soundtracks.

29.  I am a dog and a cat person.  I could never pick between them.

30. I am having a rhinoplasty operation this Wednesday and I'm so nervous and excited!  I have a bump on my nose that causes horrendous headaches so hopefully this will fix it.  Fingers crossed!


  1. I love these posts so much! I have always wanted a German Shepherd too, and i'm finally getting one on March 9th Can't wait!!

    I don't like Sea food too much either.

    I wish you didn't feel so down about yourself :( Bullies really don't realise how much they effect people for their whole lives. I bet your life is much better than theirs now anyway ;)

    Hannah xx
    Bella and Roscoe

    1. OH MY GOSH I'm so jealous of you! :O I just looked on your blog and saw the puppy blog post, so cute! I can remember getting emails and photos from the breeder I got my cats from and getting so excited. I'm really happy for you :D

      I wish I had higher self esteem and always work towards it, but sometimes it can be tough. I used to be worse though so I must be getting somewhere :) Thank you so much for commenting ♥

  2. I'd love to own a leopard gecko! What type of fish do you have? I work in an aquarium so love speaking to other bloggers about fish! x

    1. I'm not too sure as they came from a family member's pond, but we do know they are half koi! :D They're really pretty and I used to have more but some passed away. I had an adorable little pink one but she only lasted about a year :( Luckily the rest of them are doing really well :D

  3. LOVE Adventure Time! <3 lovely post hun! x

    1. YESSS Adventure Time is amazing! I've been looking for some merchandise but it's pretty much non-existent in the UK :'( Thankyou for commenting :D

  4. I feel like we have so much in common. I love adventure time and dinosaurs and I also have little self confidence after bullying. Plus I love rilakuma.

    BUT I love seafood and pokemon haha. How can we be the same yet so different? xxx

  5. We have a lot in common! My phone phobia is shocking. Yet as long as I'm prepared for a phone conversation I'm fine. Bullies are awful. They don't realise that what they say and do when you're young will affect you for the rest of your life. I'm glad you're trying to work on your self esteem! I love seafood, I may have to pay you a visit. Ben thinks I'm disgusting for eating cockles. Your favourite movies are nearly all on my favourites list. And I am a hug Animal Crossing fan. Grow up? Never! And teachers know jack shit. I should know, I used to be one :P Good luck with the op!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. I've already pre-ordered the new Animal Crossing game :D I can't wait to play it! Cockles are our 'bestseller' at work, they go so quickly and people love them! I've attempted to eat them twice but just can't stomach them :( I actually wish I liked seafood though so I could pinch some food from the fridge, rather than close the shop briefly to go to the local Budgens :P

  6. Lovely post and lovely blog! It sounds like we have a lot in common and I would LOVE to pick your brains about owning a Gecko as I have been planning to get one for rather a while

  7. Lovely post and lovely blog! It sounds like we have a lot in common and I would LOVE to pick your brains about owning a Gecko as I have been planning to get one for rather a while