21 February 2013

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do

I feel that some of these photos are a good representation of my life right now.  Yesterday my car Gandalf failed his M.O.T. test and it turns out loads of his body is corroded.  There's nothing we can do to save him and I'm pretty heartbroken.  I only got to drive him for a year :(  I'm now having to look for a new car which is proving to be very difficult.  My plans to save up for a Mini have been scrapped too because all my savings will be going on my new car.

I don't want this blog post to be all doom and gloom though!  My nose cast is finally off and I'm so happy with the results.  My nose bump is gone and I haven't had any headaches since the operation :D  It'll be a little while before my nose feels better but I don't regret having the op one bit.  I have a hospital appointment tomorrow and then I'm going into the city with my mum.  Hopefully the end of this week will be better than the beginning!


  1. oh no poor Gandalf! My car is due it's MOT in April and i fear poor little Renee won't be long for this world either! :(

    Glad you're happy with the op results! Can't wait to see some pictures! xx

  2. Oh Gandalf. I remember when Aurora the Alto failed her MOT. She'd broken down twice in the previous year and cost me about £300 to fix each time. And then failed the MOT and would have cost £500 to pass. I estimate she was worth about £200!! It was a sad day. My Yaris doesn't have a name. Just not the same as your first car :( MOT is sure next month as well. Eeeeeks.

    Glad you're doing well though. Enjoy the city!!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  3. Breathtaking photographs! I just want to jump right in! X